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ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix™ Wound-Healing Therapy

Drs. Ron and Paul Shapiro recommend the use of ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrixtm wound-healing product to patients undergoing a hair transplant procedure.  The new FDA-approved biomaterial stimulates the body's healing process and tissue growth when injected into the donor site.  ACell MatriStem triggers the formation of new blood vessels to help improve graft survival and reduce and or repair scar tissue.  It is considered optional therapy due to the added cost, but both physicians agree the benefits are worth the additional charge.

"ACell MatriStem wound-healing therapy is considered a breakthrough in regenerative medicine.  It has many surgical and wound-healing applications, from burn and ulcer treatment to plastic and reconstructive surgery and trauma wounds," says Ron Shapiro M.D.  "In hair transplantation surgery, ACell encourages healing of the incision and recipient sites, including donor scars.  There is also research suggesting that ACell may cause regeneration of new hair follicles.  We continue to monitor and evaluate this on-going research, " he notes.  At the very least, however, ACell MatriStem therapy provides a new option in the quest to maximize yield and improve wound-healing in surgical hair transplantation procedures. 

Results of a study of the use of ACell MatriStem in hair transplantation procedures were presented in October 2010, at the ISHRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.   ACell MatriStem is made from porcine urinary bladder. 

ACell is now routinely addressed as an adjunct therapy during consultations at Shapiro Medical Group.  Considered "optional" due to the relatively small additional cost, the amount needed for a hair transplant procedure is dependent upon the size of the case as well as the type of procedure (strip or follicular unit extraction).  For example, a partial scar application may require a very small amount of ACell, but an FUE procedure requires much more of the high-tech material.  Application is priced accordingly, between about $75 and $400, for most patients. Specific application and price is discussed during the consultation, and again before surgery.


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